Pyramid Self-Dumping Hay Trailers

Quality Workmanship... Superior Innovation...

What Are Pyramid Trailers and Racks?

Pyramid Trailers are round bale trailers operated by hydraulic cylinders allowing you to sit safely and comfortably in the cab of your truck while dumping your load of bales.  Those same cylinders will also raise the support arms back into place for the next load.  No more getting out and manually releasing the cradles OR having to figure out how to lift those heavy things back into place.  Don't need another trailer on the farm or just don't move enough hay to justify if, then check out our new Pyramid Trailer Rack Systems. They are designed to go on your existing flatbed! 

Why Buy a Pyramid Trailer?

  • All Trailers come with Mudflaps and Fenders
  • Electric over Hydraulic Cylinders with Remote
  • Our 4x4x3/16 Frame is Un-Cut, creating a stronger Frame
  • Back-up Camera provides a clear picture of the road behind you... All you have to do is turn your lights on!
  • 12" 19# I-Beam Gooseneck Hitch provides Extra Strength and Stability
  • Under 102" Unloaded for Legal Travel
  • LED Lighting, including Clearance and Tag Light
  • Stack, Haul AND Unload 3 Rows of Bales
  • Poly-Toolbox to keep your Hydraulic Pump and Battery out of the elements
  • Optional 12K Electric over Hydraulic Jack


Loaded with a Bale Spear

17 Bales Being Unloaded

17 Bales Being Unloaded Part 2